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The VPS – What Is It, Its Variants, Benefits and Uses

Those who want to have the power and control of an exclusive server which is also easy to manage and available at a compelling price should consider opting in for a VPS. It hits the sweet spot between a shared and an exclusive hosting. In comparison to the shared or public site, this one's more versatile and offers many of the features and capabilities of that of an exclusive server. Further, it enables you to decide on configurations that are most suitable to your growth, requirements and applications. In this guide, we provide you with all the information you would need and ease your vps hosting decision making.

VPS Hosting

Why Should You Use This Hosting?

The key benefit is that it offers unlimited bandwidth to handle anything your business throws in their way. It's also scalable enough to handle your demands as the business grows. With 99% guaranteed uptime, you don't have to worry about downtime. Additionally, it allows you to host sites for media, any content, an e-commerce business, a storefront, and various other software apps with complete ease. You can run multiple websites as well.

Apart from this, you can also supervise the hosting process. If you are planning to install an application that would require you restarting of the device, you can conveniently do so, and it won’t affect anyone else. Often, they're more affordable. With this you will have a predefined amount of storage available to use whenever required.

Uses of a VPS Server

Businesses may use a VPS server for various reasons which have been discussed below.

What Are Its Variants?

Unmanaged Hosting

Through this, the site's owner would be expected to perform all the server duties and manage the maintenance activities. Those who opt for this hosting should have the technological experience required or likely have a dedicated in-house team to handle all the tasks involved. For established businesses, this form of hosting is more suitable for them than for emerging businesses.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

As the name suggests, the host lightens the load here, as it handles every element of the server. Additionally, it ensures it's in proper working condition and is managed well. To get it going, there are a few steps involved when starting the VPS hosting. Here's where they step in and handle every detail, right from installation of the server to the applications. Similarly, it also manages all the updates, installs security protection, and continuously monitors the system for early detection of hardware failure or an attack. In case you lose out on data or any other issues on your site, you can retrieve it back to the earlier version.

We hope this article helps you in deciding whether or not you need a VPS hosting. If at all you do require one, you can also check out WebOasis for further details on how you can set up this service.