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Battery Services

At Car Battery Service, we have a proven track record in providing great quality battery services in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Our nae has spread across the UAE due to our ability to handle a wide array of battery diagnostics, inspection, replacement and repair requests.

We are one of the very few experts that provide FREE battery checkups to assess its health and impact on your car. Since we have a team of experienced battery technicians, we are able to serve your dead battery needs in quick time. As a result, your car need not remain stranded on the road for long.

We offer onsite battery diagnostics and replacement services; this feature saves you a lot of time in towing the vehicle back to a workshop in order to get the replacement done. This USP makes us one of the favorites when it comes to trustworthy battery replacement and installation services in the UAE.

We also provide education and informative assistance on handling the battery the right way to maintain the highest level of safety for the user. Be it cable checks or old battery disposal, our 360-degree battery services are just what you need for a smooth-running car.

Battery Testing & Installation

Proper diagnostics of the battery can save you a lot of money in going for costly repairs in case of total breakdown. We do a comprehensive diagnostic of the battery health to let you know about its current state.

Our free battery check ensures that your car doesn’t ditch you in the middle of nowhere. Be it SUVs or sedans of any make or model, our technicians carry out rigorous health checkups on the battery.

Our services include

Battery Safety

Correct battery handling is critical to a person’s safety. Improper handling may lead to serve harm and accidents. The product release flammable hydrogen gases, and hence, should be kept away from sources of fire. It is advised to call in the experts from Car Battery Service if you need professional checkup and replacement done for the car battery.

Another cause of potential harm is the battery electrolytes stored in the battery for its functioning. They are deemed to be severely corrosive and can cause harm to the body if it comes in contact. They need to be protected from exposure to naked flame.

Some of the key safety measures that can be undertaken by the user include these steps: