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Tire Change

The tires of your car need to be kept in well-maintained condition. They need to be checked for issues with the help of proper checkups. At Car Battery Service, we have a team of dedicated experts that look only after the 360-degree health and durability of the tires. Be it any make or model, we can send an expert to carry out comprehensive testing on the tire health, remaining life.

After meticulous checking, we will let you know what the best course of action is to get maximum benefit out of it.

Our tire change services cover installation, replacement, old tire disposal, cable test, and comprehensive checks. As a result, you can be assured to use tires that deliver exemplary performance at all times without causing you any anguish over its ability to serve the car’s needs.

Tire Testing & Installation

Your car’s tires are an important component responsible for the smooth functioning of the four-wheeler. Even the slightest issue can bring the car to halt and leave you and your ones stranded. We help you be proactive and take care of the tire’s health with the help of state of the art and FREE tire testing. In case the car needs a tire to be replaced, we will dispatch expert technicians who will do the replacement of the tire.

Importance of Testing Tires

World-Class Computerized Test

Your tires are the backbone on which your car runs. If even one of the tires face an issue, the entire car comes to a grinding halt. This is why you need our cutting-edge computerized tire testing services.

Tire Replacement

We are experts in tire testing, inspection, installation and replacement requirement. Our technicians will be available to take care of genuine tire replacement needs.

Tire Disposal

Got an old tire that is taking up too much space? Connect with us to help get rid of tire the legal way. We help dispose old tires that are suffering from irreparable damage and wear and tear.

Tire Cable Test and Corrosion Removal

If your wheel lugs have caught rust then our experts will help remove these, so that the lugs remain firmly attached to the tires. We also test the cables for strength and durability.

Comprehensive Checking

We carry our rigorous checks on the caps, steel beads, liners, shoulder and treads. This gives you peace of mind about the resilience and performance of the tires over the long term.