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Tips to Choose Tyres for Your Vehicle

Tyres are like the soul of a vehicle. Without them the vehicle is lifeless; you cannot expect it to work. A city like Dubai is home to some bad roads and hot weather conditions. This impacts the lifespan of the soul of the vehicle greatly. normally, tyres last for 50,000 to 70,000 km, depending on the climate and the temper of the driver, the two most important factors that decide the amount of pressure that will be put on the wheels. Dubai’s hot and dusty conditions lessen the normal lifespan of tyres, thus making them prone to damage much earlier into use. This gives rise to a need for wheels that are perfect for the roads of UAE. For all the drivers in Dubai and other UAE cities, here is a quick guide on how to select the right tyres for your vehicle.


Weather Conditions

UAE, as already mentioned above, is home to hot and dusty conditions that reduces the lifespan of tyres. So, the roads in the cities need tyres that show great strength when moving over badly maintained roads, all while offering a smooth journey to the riders. According to experts, All Season or Summer tyres are considered best for places like UAE. All Season and Summer tyres are born to tackle and stay strong during hot and dusty weather conditions.

The Condition of The Roads

The next tip involves answering a question- what kind of road will I be driving on? The roads in Dubai are mainly large and smooth but uneven in some areas, typically smaller zones. The roads are always quite crowded, prone to accidents and unorganized. So, here are few things you need to look for.


The city roads with their many breaks and stops put great pressure on the tyres. So, you need to look for tyres that have long lastingness listed in their description.

Fuel-Saving Tyres

For long or daily journeys, you need tyres that let the vehicle consume less fuel with their low rolling resistance.

Vibration and Noise

These are some of the annoying things that a driver experiences while driving on bad roads. If your route is such, choose tyres that offer maximum comfort with reduced vibration and noise.


Driving on uneven or wet roads can lead to loosened grip. Choose tyres that help you navigate through the dusty and uneven terrain with greater stability.

Driving Style

Your Driving Style

Everyone has a different driving style. Decide what kind of driver are you and choose the tyres based on it for the best driving results. If you are all for slow speed and strive for maximum comfort and smoothness in your ride, you need to go for ones that offer comfort with low road noise. If you are speed crazy and like to get that adrenaline rush with every turn, choose the ones that let you achieve excellent steering precision and handling.